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My friend Radhika Das, a beautiful friend and spiritual connector is performing soon in the UK! It will be an amazing experience. 

- Russell Brand -

Radhika Das shares mantra music from his heart and soul.

It’s been a joy watching him evolve over the years, sharing his art with people across the world.

- Jay Shetty -

I have had the privilege to call Radhika a dear friend and brother for many years now, and see him grow and flourish. Radhika’s kirtan always makes me dance…because his voice communicates the intention of his heart: to be of service to the Divine  and to invite everyone he meets into the joyous experience of kirtan. Your spirits will be thoroughly lifted— your feet may lift you up too! Let fear and hesitation melt away and let him lead you into the life changing ocean of sacred mantra…

- Jahnavi Harrison -



Radhika Das LIVE in Concert

5th May 2023 • Union Chapel, LONDON

Join Radhika and 1000 chanting souls for an evening of NEW devotional song and divine mantra that will transport you to the sacred space within — where beauty resides, where songs of love echo eternal and where every step is a dance. Accompanying Radhika will be a talented team of musicians performing original compositions to create a true offering from the heart.


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