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jaya gurudev "gratitude"

It is our greatest fortune that we are in this human form of life.

In this lifetime, we receive countless teachings that uplift and awaken us.

Let us offer our deepest gratitude and love to those teachers, guides and gurus who have taken time to know the path, go the path and share it with us.

Close your eyes, PRESS PLAY and meditate with me.

sharanagati "shelter"

Reflect on your current places of shelter.

Where do you go mentally and physically when you’re stressed?


What do you do when things aren’t going your way?

Take a seat, breath deeply in and out, PRESS PLAY and meditate with me

kshama "patience"



Welcome to this series of guided mediations inspired by the path of Bhakti.

I will guide you, as we open our hearts to the divinity within and without all living entities.


Each meditation will focus on an important topic of Bhakti and today we will explore patience.


So when you're ready, take a seat, roll your shoulders back, engage with your heart, PRESS PLAY and meditate with me.

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