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Who Am I?

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

By nature we are spiritual, we cannot understand our true identity or achieve eternal happiness in full knowledge if we continue to act on the platform of the inferior, material energy.

Am I my head or face? No, it's my face.

Am I my chest? No, it's my chest.

Am I my arm or my hand? No, it's my arm, my hand.

But who am I, the owner of the body?

If we perform the experiment as above, we can immediately come to the very first understanding in spiritual life: in essence, we are not our bodies; rather we are conscious of them. Under the influence of material energy, we falsely identify ourselves with our bodies and think we belong to a certain family, nation, race, religion and so on. In the Bhakti tradition, the goal of human life is to awaken from this illusion and become reinstated in our real identities as fully conscious spiritual beings.

Our daily lives can be compared to acting in a play. We have become so absorbed with our temporary roles in this play that we have completely forgotten our true offstage identities. Someone is taking the part of our parent, another is acting as our lover, friend, foe etc. Actually it is all simply a performance; our real identities are something else. Our very bodies are nothing more than costumes, but confused, we identify ourselves with them and try to relate to others on this basis. The resulting relationships are not false, but they are temporary and therefore illusory.

When the curtain falls on our play - when death comes - all material activities and their results, that we have cultivated during our lives will unfortunately end, and our real self, an individually conscious spirit soul, will be transferred to a new situation.

I leave you with a question that requires more years than days to answer: "What are you doing to realise your true self and can you do more?"

Yours in seva,


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