Retreat with me

Vrindavan is the home of Bhakti Yoga, the place where saints and sages have been deeply absorbed in their spiritual practice for thousands of years. Going to this sacred place, even today, one can feel that same magic; The atmosphere surcharged with something higher, something many have never experienced before.


My aim, is and has always been, to give those I'm connected with an experience of a life less ordinary,

to taste that which your soul has been yearning for lifetimes, and I couldn't think of a better way to do this

than to retreat, and a better place to do this than in Vrindavan!


Check out a summary of details below.

Hoping this opportunity excites you as much as it does me!


Wishing you lots of spiritual strength for the fortnight ahead.


with love,

Radhika Das

Vrindavan with Radhika

The opportunity of a lifetime

See this sacred place through my eyes and the eyes of those closest to me, ones which have fortunately travelled here annually for the last decade and more.


This retreat WILL transform your heart and soul through daily:




  • BHAKTI YOGA WISDOM SESSIONS, (lessons from The Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam and other Bhakti texts)


  • SPECIAL GUEST FACILITATORS (Swamis, Kirtan experts and more)


and all this with a family that will love, support and serve one another!

Key details


WHEN: 20th-30th November 2021


PRICE: Start from £699**

(excl. flights to NEW DELHI and airport transfer to Vrindavan approx 30-45£ depending on size of car - can be arranged nearer the time.)


All rooms will have: full bedding, towels, WIFI access and air-conditioning but NO TV's (we are there for deep realisations, The Big Bake Off will still be there when we get back...I hope).

**COVID-19: If due to COVID-19 the retreat is cancelled, the full deposit along with any other payments will be FULLY refunded.

Vrindavan 2.jpg

what will we do each day?

Rough idea of an average day 

(without giving away the exciting surprise days):

5am - Japa Meditation (optional)

7am - Bhakti Prayer and Singing

8am - Yoga Asana

9am - Breakfast (kitchdi, porridge, toast etc)

10am - Bhakti Wisdom Class at ancient holy site

(one of the 7 main temples, in the forests, Varsana, Banks of the Yamuna, Radha Kund, Govardhan Hill and more!)

2pm - Lunch (traditional Indian cuisine: curry, roti, rice, daal etc)

3pm - Seva (for the cows, the resident sadhus and for GOD).

6pm - Kirtan - candle lit evenings at various magical places 

8pm - Dinner (light soups)