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For more than a decade, I have spent much of my time falling in love with and sharing Kirtan

and the ancient practices of Bhakti with diverse audiences.

Want to have a spiritual experience with me? Read on to find out how we can connect.

Radhika Das shares Kirtan and Bhakti with Kirtan London


The Path and the Present

In 2007 Radhika Das first reflected on a world that he felt was in the most part frustrated in its search for happiness and deeper truth.

The solution, he discovered was the practice of Bhakti Yoga, the path of love and devotion. He decided to dedicate more time to absorb himself in the ancient practice of Kirtan and discovered the beauty of mantra.

Radhika is devoted to helping people, whether it be from an existing yoga or spiritual background or to those with limited or no exposure to the practices. His aim is to help you to feel more fulfilled through mantra meditation and a holistic way of living; deeply connecting the mind, body and soul. He has shared in a variety of spaces including The British Museum, with well known Yoga teachers such as Emma Henry, Jules Febre and Charlie Kelly as well as in corporate and popular student spaces.

"Every human being has a beautiful light within that is just waiting to shine, but our false ego can often block us from unlocking our full potential. As a Bhakti practitioner, I want to serve you to dive deep and explore, unleashing your true vibrancy and joy."

Radhika Das also helps to run ‘Kirtan London’, a project which aims to make sacred mantra music accessible and relevant to a wider audience, including schools, mental health institutions and outdoor events.



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Life is filled with so many to dos and to bes. Find time to join a beautiful sangha of like minded souls where you can tune in and sing out with love and devotion. It'll not only clear your mind but also open your heart.


Day Retreats

Because an evening just isn't enough

Whether you're looking to increase wellness, build self-confidence or reduce stress, my Meditation Retreat will deliver fast and effective results. Start working towards a life you can be proud of.


online workshops

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From Japa chanting on mala beads to mindful practices, I'd love to connect with you online so that you can practice Bhakti from the comfort of your own home.

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